We've got A's for your Q's

Is there a free trial?
Yes! We offer a 30-day commitment-free free trial to allow you the opportunity to decide if EquiPro Connect is right for your business. No card entry is required to start your 30-day free trial, and you can cancel anytime!
To start your free trial, you must FIRST create your account on our website. Once your account is created, you can then download and access the app on iOS or Google Play!
Our equine business software is a monthly subscription of $49.99/month and includes unlimited access to ALL of our features.
Yes! We know how hard those first few months of launching your business are, which is why we're proud to offer a new Student Discount Program! Current students or students who've been certified within 3 months qualify to receive 50% off their first 3 months! To receive your discount, simply email us proof of your current enrollment in a program (ex. invoice) OR your certification (showing certification within the past 3 months). We will generate you a personal discount code to get 50% off 3 months after the 30-day free trial. * This discount only applies to students or graduates who've been certified in the past 3 months or less. * Your unique code will be entered at the END of your 30-day free trial.
Nope! No tiers. No limits. No hidden costs. Just $49.99 / month. As your business grows your price stays the same!
Yes! Employees can be added through settings at no additional cost!
Yes! Your subscription does not lock you into a contract and you can cancel anytime.
If you cancel your subscription your account goes inactive and you no longer have access to it. If you wish to re-subscribe in the future, your account and data will be waiting for you!
There is not a way to pause your subscription, but, if you're going on maternity or medical leave please reach out to us! We are happy to support you during that time and enter a credit for the duration of absence so you still have access to your client data while not using the program.
If you need to update your card on file, simply send us an email and we will send you a link to update your card.
Our software is accessible on desktop (PC/ Mac/ Tablet) and on our app on the IOS & Google Playstores.
At this time, an internet connection is required to use EquiPro.
EquiPro is available to all countries worldwide with internet access. (Please note, EquiPro is only available in English.)
ProConnect is our online search directory for horse owners to find equine professionals in their area… it’s like Yellow Pages for horse people!
Yes! Every subscription comes with a listing on ProConnect.
No - ProConnect listings are exclusively for EquiPro subscribers.
Our owner portal is 100% free and complimentary to your clients! We highly recommend you to encourage your clients to utilize this service to maximize their experience and have all of their information filed and accessible in one place.
Yes, our reports are completely customizable whether you want to make a 1 page summary or 10 page clinical assessment! You can add as much or as little info as you desire! They also have the flexibility of multi-modality - just add your modalities used in settings and choose from our 3 horse templates (skeletal, muscular, soft tissue).
Clients receive their reports via email where they can download to save to their computer or print off. They also can create a complimentary EquiPro owner portal to access all their past reports at any time! (The portal is no extra charge to them or you.)
Yes! Reports can be easily sent to other members of a horse’s care team - vets, farriers, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. - via email. Clients can also send their reports themselves to whomever they wish through their owner portal.
Clients who choose to create an owner portal have their owner and horse information automatically sync into your client directory (to sync them into your system, they need to request an appointment with you through your online booking site). For clients who do not want an owner portal, you can send them the Owner & Horse Profile forms so you can easily enter the information once submitted.
Yes! You have the ability to bulk import clients and horses into the system via excel file (a sample template is provided) on *desktop only*. You can also bulk export client and horse data into an excel file as well!
Clients can be grouped by barn to easily remember who is at what barn. Barn days can also be created and added to your calendar through barn profiles. We do not have appointments grouped by barn for a few reasons. Appointments should be created for individual clients/horses so they receive appointment reminder texts/confirmations, so time tracking is accurate, so information is appropriately filed in their profile, and so you can easily send their receipt and create their session reports.
Clients submit requests through your ProConnect listing that lets you know the desired service(s) and best days/time frames for them. From there, you can look at your schedule and routes and add them to your calendar or to your waitlist.
No problem! Online booking requests can be turned off in settings.
At this time, only equine tracking and session reports are available. We do have plans to expand our software to include canines in the near future!
At this time, no human tracking (for chiro/massage) is available. With enough requests, it is definitely something we could add in the future!
Sending your receipts to clients automatically tracks your income and you can access it in sales overview. At this time, we do not have an accounting feature like Quickbooks or mileage tracking - but we have plans to integrate these features in the future!
Please let us know! We love implementing feedback to continually expand and improve our software!
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