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Elevated Equine Services has been serving horses in the state of Alabama and surrounding states for the past 3 years with a focus on bodywork for all types of horses. Dedicated and focused on providing the best care to all horses big or small.

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Cupping, Dry Needling, Massage Therapy, Saddle Fitting, Kinesiology Taping, Energy Work, Nutritional Assessment, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy, Thermal Imaging, Bodywork, Saddle Evaluation, Accupressure

August 2021

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Morgan Nicholas


Equine Reproduction Management/Barn Management

I am a certified equine/canine massage therapist. I earned my certification in 2021 and I have been practicing full time since. I specialize in K-tape, cupping, moxibustion, saddle fitting, acupressure and equine health and specializing in equine and canine herbal supplements. I recently opened my massage therapy school and have certified 5 students in my state and surrounding states. My goal is to help horse owners understand their horses body needs in order to keep their life long friends in the best health possible.


30 Mins

Acupressure helps stabilize the body from the inside out. This is preformed with moxibustion.

$65.00 Book Now
Canine Massage

45 Mins

Full body massage with extras included.

$50.00 Book Now
Cannabinoid Chip Therapy

20 Mins

More than a shiny sticker, CCT helps cell turnover to help the body heal faster and provide natural pain relief.

$45.00 Book Now
Cupping 3 Areas

45 Mins

Cupping provides blood flow to tight and restricted muscles allowing them to release.

$50.00 Book Now
Cupping Massage

60 Mins

Targeted cupping massage allows deeper penetration into restricted areas. This includes aromatherapy therapy massage.

$150.00 Book Now
Emergency Fee

For after hours care fee. This fee will be added on to any bodywork that was preformed after hours.

$100.00 Book Now
Energy Work

60 Mins

Horses who are feeling down can benefit from energy work. This is great for horses who has lost a pasture mate, new environment, or recovering from an injury or illness.

$70.00 Book Now
Full body massage

60 Mins

Full body massage includes extras such as cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, cannabinoid therapy and one area of k-tape

$130.00 Book Now

30 Mins

K-tape helps with blood flow, stabilization and rehabilitation. Two areas are included into the price, any extra areas at $10 each.

$75.00 Book Now
Magnetic Therapy With Acupressure

60 Mins

Magnetically help balance the body and stimulate an acupressure points longer. This is recommended for horses who are trying to heal an injury or are recovering from an illness.

$90.00 Book Now

45 Mins

Moxi has been around since 3200BCE, this heat therapy allows the horse to relax and release with little muscle manipulation. Good for healing wounds, broken bones, tendons and for pain.

$60.00 Book Now
Saddle Evaluation

10 Mins

This is an evaluation of a saddle that is currently being used, this does not include measurements for a custom fit saddle.

$25.00 Book Now
Saddle Fitting

20 Mins

It’s important your saddle fits your horse properly! This price does not include measurements to be sent off for tack making. An extra 40$ plus an advanced notice is required for measurements.

$80.00 Book Now
Show Rate

30 Mins

Show rates are for clients met at shows. This includes targeted massage, cupping, moxibustion and one area of K-tape.

$20.00 Book Now
Thermal Imaging

90 Mins

Thermal imaging allows the owner to looker deeper into the horses body. This helps better understand what is going on so further steps can be taken.

$85.00 Book Now

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